Cultivation & Drilling

A full range of cultivation gear has us well equipped to tackle your cultivation needs. 5 Furrow ploughs, Offset Discs and Rippers are options for primary cultivation followed by our 6M power harrows which provide the perfect seedbed for maize, grass or brassicas. For lighter soil types when the power harrow is less suitable we recommend using our roller tiller which is a lot less aggressive on the soil and still provides a great seedbed. Our Rotary Plough is an option for peat country leaving a well turned and finished seedbed. Other options include Subsoiler, Rotorspike and Disc Rippers/Roller.

Market leading Allen and Horcsh drills deliver great seed placement with precise seed and fert rates for your drilling needs. Our tractors are equipped with RTK GPS to ensure efficiency with minimal overlap. Accurate slug bait dispensers ensure we offer customers a complete drilling service. Our Roller Drill is a great option for sowing new grass, Lucerne or Brassicas into cultivated ground. Excellent seed coverage and depth helps with quick establishment of crops.

Powerharrowing_Spreading.jpg Jackie-Horcsh-Drill.jpg Rotary_Plought.jpg Power-Harrow-Roller.jpg

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